Community Benefits

  • No upfront  costs - No obligation
  • PBG is paid a percentage of the compensation we negotiate for your Community - our increased negotiating power fully covers our percentage!
  • Learn about the status of all broadband agreements on your property
  • Increase the bargaining power that may be wielded on your community's behalf
  • PBG can combine your units with our existing clients to receive volume financial advantatges for your community (without disclosing confidential information between clients)
  • Explore all service provider options
  • Explore new revenue streams for your Community
  • Little work for HOA Board, property managers & developers
  • Provide Broadband experts for your residents to ask any questions related to providers, wifi, rates, and so on
  • We will guide you and your team through the complicated process of choosing a qualified broadband service provider, delivering the most channels, fastest Internet, best WIFI and the most cost-effective services for your communtiy's needs

Service Provider Benefits

  • No upfront  costs - No obligation
  • Free 2-hour consultation
  • Performance-based: PBG is paid a percentage of the compensation we negotiate for your broadband portfolio target
  • PBG has a proven track record, delivering clients with increase revenue, vendor, and funding sources
  • PBG saves you a considerable amount of time in the process of reaching out to new opportunities (from conception to contract completion, takes a minimum of 90 days - and countless hours of phone calls, meetings, presentations, e-mails and text messages to reach closure