Exclusive Marketing Agreements

Individual Service Agreements, & Bulk Contracts

Having this leading position in a fragmented industry - combined with the intimate knowledge of hundreds of MDU owners, Property Management companies, and Service Providers - allow Paradigm’s clients to be certain they will receive a thorough, well negotiated and forwardly strategic broadband agreement with Property Owners, Home Owners Associations, Condominium Associations and Property Management Companies nationwide.

Let Paradigm’s team of 6 highly qualified Broadband Access Management associates to engage your EMA campaigns. This team represents a collective 120 years of experience in the MDU broadband business with over 1 million units contracted in the collective careers of the team. We’d like to work with you to develop an assignment and management process plan that will enable everyone to monitor progress up to the minute with assigned agreements and territories engaged in the campaign.



We can either assist with Agreement Renewal campaigns, or lead a campaign to locate, negotiate and secure uncontracted properties in your serviceable markets. This team has the expertise, integrity, and focus to assist your Broadband business better than any other broadband consulting group in the nation, and sincerely appreciate your consideration.

Paradigm is uniquely qualified to represent you during your community’s pursuit of renewal agreements for Bulk and Exclusive Marketing Agreements. We can also identify and contract with properties located within your service territories that are not presently under a service agreement. Co-founder, Don Johnson, has been negotiating Voice, Video and Data Service Agreements since 1989.

Since Paradigm’s establishment in 1996, he has been representing a variety of Broadband Service Providers and communities across the United States, completing more than half a billion dollars in asset purchases, and negotiated a 650,000 units worth of service agreements for properties and providers nationwide.