Your Community Broadband Consulting Firm

Established in 1996, Paradigm Broadband Group (PBG) has successfully represented over 3,000 communities, with  more than 700,000 residents, with their mission of securing the best broadband package at the best value for communities and residential coalitions across Florida and the sunbelt states.

Over the last 25 years, PBG has become nationally recognized for its superior performance record in closing thousands of telecommunications transactions for residential and commercial real estate organizations including Property Owners and Property Management Companies, Developers and Development Planners, as well as Condominium and Homeowners Associations.

With voice, video and internet platforms constantly changing, PBG professionals consistently guide decision-makers of commercial and residential communities through the complicated process of choosing the best Broadband Service Provider. We strive to deliver the most channels, reliable video streaming, fastest Internet speeds, and the most dependable WIFI on the most advanced network, under the best terms in the marketplace today - always with a keen eye on future technologies and opportunities.

PBG's core commitment is to research, evaluate, and select the best Broadband Provider, platform and price for cable, Internet, phone and security services for businesses and communities. From system appraisals to resident surveys, to service agreement negotiations, to townhall presentations, to project and transition management, to construction and activation of new Fiber-to-the-Home networks, Paradigm expertise ensures their clients obtain the very best broadband experience.

Since the 80's, co-founders Don and Heather Johnson have expanded their telecommunications accomplishments and distinguished themselves within their industry through integrity, forward-thinking, and tailored broadband consulting services.

Today, Paradigm Broadband Group is a dynamic, family-oriented team who reliably deliver broadband solutions with rewarding results.  PBG is paid on performance, based on compensation or savings they negotiate on behalf of their clients' community or business.